Can You Reverse Cavities?

can you reverse cavities?

Can you reverse cavities? First, we have to understand what cavities are and why they form so we can better understand what the best course of action is. Cavities are small holes in the teeth caused by acid from the food and drink we consume. They affect the enamel and, in further stages of decay, the dentin of the tooth. 

Are we able to reverse cavities, and how can Smiletronix help you prevent this level of decay? 

Cavities are formed when we eat foods with high carbohydrate content, or sugary foods and drinks. When these foods come into contact with plaque sitting around the teeth and gum line, the bacteria within the plaque turns these carbohydrates and sugars into energy. This process produces harmful acid, and whilst everyone’s oral Ph levels are different, we can all follow preventative measures to help reduce the amount of acid sitting in the mouth and attacking the teeth.

What’s the science? 

Acid erodes the teeth upon contact by dissolving the minerals that make up your tooth enamel. Once the plaque bacteria has built up over a period of time due to irregular brushing and flossing, or acid attacks from excessive sugar becoming too frequent, the enamel thins and soft dentin is susceptible to further decay. 

Once the dentin inside the tooth is exposed, an infection can spread rapidly, requiring treatment such as fillings in order to save the tooth. Worse still, if you can’t get to the dentist early on, extraction, implants or removable dentures may be the final option. 

Too little too late…

Although the very early stages of tooth decay leading to small cavities can be reversed, once the tooth has deteriorated past the enamel the cavity is completely irreversible. Cavities can form and decline to this extent in as little as six months, so if you follow dental recommendation guidelines and visit your dentist every six to twelve months, you could be facing painful and costly appointments before you even knew the cavity was forming.

Preventative measures

Here at Smiletronix, when faced with the question ‘can you reverse cavities?’, the best cause of action is to prevent them from forming in the first place. We recommend brushing and flossing two to three times a day to remove harmful plaque. Cutting down on sugar and starch consumption will help reduce the amount of bacteria that is produced in the mouth, as well as regular rinsing to wash away any dangerous levels of plaque. Certain lifestyle habits can also unknowingly affect the teeth, such as open-mouth breathing – particularly when we sleep. This is due to the tissue and gums becoming dry and therefore harbouring an unbalanced level of natural bacteria, in turn leading to a build-up of plaque.

Alongside this, eating foods rich in Omega 3, Vitamin K2, D3 and C as well as Zinc can help reverse very early signs of decay by helping with the demineralization of the enamel. As well as this, we recommend avoiding regular snacking and carbonated drinks between meal times as this leads to the teeth bathing in acidic saliva for longer periods of time, increasing the risk of cavities. Remember – it is not the sugar itself that causes the teeth to deteriorate, it is the acid produced in the mouth from eating it!

Here at Smiletronix, we are experts in preventing decay and costly procedures through the use of affordable, at-home technology. We use patented teledentistry to track and advance your dental care by spotting the early signs of tooth decay through health, hygiene and whiteness scans via our app. This means you can avoid the development of cavities through early detection scans before irreparable damage can set in and cause long-term issues. Explore the Smiltronix app here. 

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