Check your oral health
anywhere, anytime with Smiletronix, the home dental checkup solution

Place our device in your mouth for 10 seconds and instantly get a report highlighting any dental issues sent straight to your phone.

Why Smiletronix?

Smiletronix is the easy, on-demand

anytime, anywhere dental checkup solution


Catch dental problems early to avoid the pain of invasive procedures.


Changing dentists? Keep your dental records in one place.


Most people visit a dentist when there is a persistent or chronic issue, which requires more extensive and expensive treatments


Use our device from the comfort of home to check if you need to see a dentist.


Step 1:

Scan Your Mouth


Just place the device in your mouth for 10 seconds. That’s it.



Personalized Dashboard and Health Report


Your one-stop dental shop and access to your historical dental data


Step 2:

Results Sent Straight to Your Phone


Access your personalized dashboard and  dental health report


Step 3:

Communicate with a Dentist and Share Your Results


Get notified which areas need some TLC. Schedule an appointment with a dentist right from the app


Don’t let dental problems go untreated

Use our device to detect any issues that may need a dentist’s attention.
From cavities to gum disease, our device can diagnose a variety of issues.

Why it matters

“Tooth decay and gum disease are nearly entirely preventable.” – American Dental Association

Tooth decay is the #1

untreated chronic disease

in the world, with 3.9B

suffering globally. 

86% of US children

will have tooth decay

in at least 1 tooth by

the age of 17

Oral health is linked to other

chronic conditions including heart

disease, diabetes and premature

birth in pregnant women.


“I believe this technology offers a huge step forward in personalized oral health and dental care. It offers a level of individual empowerment and the potential to reduce health care costs, not seen previously.”

David Alexander

Diplomat of the American Board of Dental Public Health

“The device can be very useful for dentists in monitoring patients, especially for those that don’t come into the clinic often to find out if they have any dental diseases.”

Isabel Burrell


Check your oral health
anywhere, anytime

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