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Yashar is passionate about health tech, impact and someone with a creative mind. He is always challenging existing paradigms, thinking of ways to improve people’s lives, and making things simpler. Partnered with Daniel, a caring dentist that loves treating his patients in a holistic way and believes that prevention is key for a healthy life. Being a patient centric dentist, Daniel, builds a deep understanding of his patients to address the root cause of problems rather than simply implementing a cosmetic fix.

Together, Yashar and Daniel strive to change the way patients and clinicians experience the dental care journey. They are both excited about bringing change to an area of health that is too reactionary, often neglected, and has been severely impacted by COVID. They have forged a great team of engineers who are also human at heart and share the mission and value. Together they have created the ultimate dental tool to better your daily routine, improve your overall health and make you the leader in your oral health journey.

At Smiletronix, we aim to prevent advanced diseases and support long-term dental health. We do this by giving you the power to conveniently scan your teeth and gums from whenever, wherever. We want to help those who wish to smile again and prevent others from having to live with the pain that comes with skipping one too many dentist visits.

Our mission is to democratise dental care and bring accessibility to all. The UN states oral health as a human right, yet most of the world does not have enough understanding of how oral health can impact their general health and nutrition, or simply do not have access to the care they need. Our vision of dental care is one where patients and dentists alike get the feedback they need easily, quickly and early enough to act, and prevent the need for expensive treatments.

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The Team

Yashar Franjani

Yashar Faranjani

CEO & Co-Founder
Daniel Peralta Silverstone

Daniel Peralta Silverstone

Chief Dental Officer & Co-Founder
Claus Lindner

Claus Lindner

Head of AI

Jordan Drewitt

Chief Product Officer

Louise Arzur

Chief of Staff
David Perez Camacho

David Pérez Camacho

Tech Lead
Denis Kreibel

Denis Kreibel

AI Engineer
Iván González Gutiérrez

Iván González Gutiérrez

VP of Engineering

Emre Altinsoy

AI Engineer

Lana Lavrova

Senior Product Manager

John O'Keeffe

Mobile Developer