Our patent-pending device uses image sensors to capture a full, comprehensive view of your teeth and gums.

This includes the front, back, and top surfaces of your dental arch to get a complete picture of your oral health. The device is designed for anyone with adult permanent teeth, age 12-13 and older.

Find Out About


Gum Disease

Gum Recession


Plaque Level



Designed by industrial engineers with soft, flexible materials for easy insertion and comfort in the mouth.


In just 10 seconds, the device will completely scan your mouth. That’s it! Receive your dental report in minutes on your phone.


You and your whole family can use the device as many times as you want, up to 10 accounts.


Easily connect with your phone via WiFi and Bluetooth.

Splash Proof

IPX6 rated for splash proof protection.


Easily charge in 1 hour with included USB C cable.


Includes 1 year manufacturer warranty.

Mobile App

Our mobile app shows you your dental health report with personalized treatment recommendations. Know your health in minutes. Talk with a dentist remotely or schedule a dental appointment, so you can get early treatment and prevent long-term disease. 

Dental Report

View your dental health report listing any diseases you have, severity level, location, and images of the problem area.

Health Score

For an easy-to-understand solution, just view your overall health score. We take into account your previous dental history, medications, eating habits, and other factors.

Whiteness Score

Compare the color of your teeth and see how you can make them whiter.


View your treatment recommendations from a professional dentist. See what oral hygiene habits you can improve for better maintenance.

Book dental appointment

Book an appointment with your dentist or find a new one nearby.

Talk with a Dentist

Want to speak with a dentist? Text, call, or videochat with one of our professional dentists in minutes. .


We offer extensive education around oral health, sourced from industry leaders and experts.. 


Personalized dashboard showing your health trends over time, progress, and reminders.

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anywhere, anytime